First Aid Training in all situations

Prepare yourself and your team to administer first aid, no matter the situation you find yourself in!

Who we are

Solutions Argos stands out for the quality of its instructors. These instructors have all been deployed in conflict zones, post-conflict areas, or remote regions and have gained undeniable experience in remote area first aid, tactical situations, and first aid in degraded conditions.

Out training programs

With a strong desire to teach techniques that encompass the essential concepts of first aid while seeking to adapt them to the various situations that may be encountered in the field, we are able to offer different training programs that will meet your needs and address your operational constraints.

Remote Area First Aid Training

How to proceed when response times are extended.

Tactical First Aid Training

Based on the principles of TECC

First Aid Training in Degraded Conditions

Situations requiring first aid in high-risk violence situations

Remote Area First Aid Training

When traveling in remote regions, evacuation times or the response times of emergency medical services are a significant concern. Time is the enemy ! It becomes crucial to be able to perform the initial actions that will buy the necessary time for the evacuation of the victim(s) to specialized help.

Recognized by SIRIUSMEDx, Argos Solutions is able to offer tailored training, both in content and duration (Emergency First Aid 10h, Remote Area First Aid of 20h duration, and Advanced Remote Area First Aid of 40h duration), as well as more specific training according to our clients’ requirements.

Tactical First Aid Training

Based on TECC concepts, our instructors will guide you to react optimally under the stress of tactical situations in which you might find yourself during specialized interventions alongside your colleagues. Beyond the treatment of massive hemorrhages, depending on the chosen program, you will also be able to perform initial actions in the case of gunshot wounds and move a victim to a secure area. This training comes in two versions depending on the desired content:

Hemorrhagic First Aid in Urban Areas 4 Hours

A 4-hour training that includes the essential elements of treating hemorrhages as well as some simple scenarios.

Tactical First Aid in Urban Areas 8 Hours

An 8-hour training that further explores the concepts and includes realistic scenarios designed to put you in a stressful situation to validate the application of techniques in conditions close to reality.

Argos Solutions is recognized as a training organization and adheres to the guidelines issued by the 'Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC)'.


First Aid Training in Degraded Conditions

The rise of violence in our society raises concerns about being more exposed to events that could involve multiple victims, just as a road accident could.

By applying the concept of anticipating potential threats, it is important to have essential knowledge to respond to the situation and perform first aid techniques that often require applying concepts with limited resources.

With their diverse and varied experiences, our instructors will impress you with their ability to apply first aid concepts using the “tools” you have on hand, in real-time action. Blending concepts from TECC, wilderness first aid, and awareness of the immediate environment, you will be able to adequately respond to the situations you encounter. This training can also include essential survival skills.

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